Raymond Acosta graduated from Diesel Driving Academy in 2004. We recently caught up with him, and he shared his story with us:


Tell us about yourself…
I retired from the US Navy after 20 years of service.  I had been overseas for so long, that when I got back to the states, I had a hard time finding work. One day, I saw a DDA truck drive by and thought ‘I could do that!’

How was your training at DDA?
My training at DDA was pretty good. I catch on to things pretty quick, and they gave me enough knowledge to get my foot in the door with a good company.

What company did you go with after graduation?
I graduated from DDA in 2004 and went with Swift right after graduation. I did one year with them to get some experience, and then I transferred to (CTL) a tanker company that was offering higher pay and more home time.

How do you like being a professional truck driver?
I like being a professional truck driver pretty well. Like any job, there are downsides, but for the most part I like it pretty well.

Would you recommend the career to anyone else?
I think for the right person it is a good career. If you have the right attitude, and are willing to work hard, it can be a good career.