My name is Joe Phillips, and I am the West Hiring Manager for Schneider International, Inc.

We have been actively recruiting for the last 18 to 24 months, and we’re doing at a good job at it I think! I think this is where we need to be, for a large percentage of the drivers that we need to come into the public, they have to get a start somewhere. That’s how drivers are created. We’re always going to be looking for experienced drivers, but experienced drivers come out of truck driving schools.

The trucking industry is going through the roof! If you looked at the nation as a whole, the United States eats out of the back of a truck. When the trucks don’t move, people don’t eat, fuel doesn’t get delivered, and products don’t get delivered. If you look today, if you count the trucks and look at the products that are being carried, these are products that you use every day.

It’s a perfect time for prospective students/drivers to get into this, especially if they’re looking for a long-term job. Truck driving isn’t a truly, truly physically demanding job where you are just going to be wore out every day. It’s a take charge of what you’re doing job, it is a be in control job. From the training, to the on-board training, to the driver literally training himself based on what he’s been taught, a driver could make a lot of money!

Home times are being guaranteed, now. Drivers are getting home when they need to get home, but this is a business that you are paid for by the mile, and it is productivity at its best! So when you’re driving the miles that you have to drive every week, and you’re being paid a certain cents per mile, you could make a good, honest living!