I am Mitch Busada, and I am the Operations Manager. I work out of the corporate office in Shreveport, but I work on a daily basis with the campuses.

There’s not many industries out there that can say that they are hiring, and there’s even less than that that are hiring at an aggressive rate that the truck driving industry is.

So they see the importance of Diesel Driving Academy because we train and we get the guys ready to go, and ready to get on the road with a new job with all these different carriers.

Our students end up making a good salary, in fact a lot of our students come in for training that already have jobs, but are coming into truck driving because the salary is better than what they’re coming from.

I think it’s safe to say they prefer quality. A lot of these carriers do hire experienced drivers, but they also want, you know, new driver students, and because of that, they want the top quality students. I know a lot of carriers say that our students are just as good, if not better, than a lot of the experienced drivers out there.

We like to send out students that have a very vast knowledge of the trucks. Not only the trucks, but how the job works, you know, you’ve got to do the pre-trip and not only driving the truck, but you know how to fill out time cards and things of that nature. So our program is longer than some of the others, but the carriers actually prefer it because our students are more prepared for that first day on the road. We’re not a big corporation by any means.

We’re a family owned business which means we’re not going anywhere. We take our company very seriously, so again it all goes back to quality. This is our company, and we take pride in it so we want to offer the very best training possible!