Now is the perfect time to start a career as a professional commercial truck driver because the demand has never been so great. Truck carriers are looking for more drivers to help fill vacant jobs and those with the right training can often take their pick from a selection of several different jobs.

The difficulty in finding drivers to fill vacant positions is that carriers need drivers with professional training. There is a shortage of skilled drivers in America and that is why schools like Diesel Driving Academy is a great opportunity for job-seekers. In a matter of months students can receive some of the best CDL training available and are often able to find a job quickly after graduating from the program.

Not only is there a shortage of professionally trained truck drivers, but also the industry is growing and even more drivers will be needed in the coming years. Commercial truck tonnage has shown a steady increase over the past year as the economy has begun to recover and economist and employment officials continue to believe that commercial truck driving will be one of the most in-demand careers for many years. Some estimates believe an additional 539,000 drivers will be needed just to meet current demand, and that doesn’t take into account the fact that shipping demands will increase in the coming years as the economy grows or the fact that many of today’s drivers are nearing retirement.

Many current drivers are also expected to enter retirement in the coming decade, creating even more demand for professionally trained truck drivers.

“The size of the white male population of ages 35-54 – a demographic group that currently provides over half of all truck drivers – will decline by over 3 million persons between 2004 and 2014,” according to a Global Insight report. The report also found that the growth of commercial truck drivers has slowed from 1.4 percent to nearly 0.5 percent because there is a shortage of properly trained drivers.

“Over the next 10 years, economic growth will give rise to a need for a 2.2 percent average annual increase in the number of long-haul heavy-duty truck drivers, or an additional 320,000 jobs overall,” the report said. “At least another 219,000 new truck drivers must be found to replace drivers currently of ages 55 and older who will retire over the next 10 years and to replace those in younger groups who will leave the occupation.”

So now you know there is a demand for more commercial truck drivers, but is the career right for you? Many have quickly trained, passed their CDL test and entered the industry quickly. However, by forgoing professional training these drivers often find that the profession is too difficult and they end of leaving their job.

Commercial truck companies are looking for thousands of professionally trained drivers in an attempt to keep up with the growing demand being experienced right now in the commercial truck industry.

Last month marked the 33rd consecutive month that commercial truck sales were up. The commercial truck industry has been growing for the past few years and more and more drivers are needed to keep up with that growth. In addition to more drivers, more commercial trucks are also needed and last month was the best August for commercial truck sales in six years.

The website The Trucker recently reported that Class 8 sales totaled 16,497 trucks in the United States in August, up 9.4 percent from August last year and up 76 trucks from this July. That not only makes it one of the best Augusts for truck sales, it also marked the 32nd consecutive month of commercial trucking sales growth. The same report also indicated that sales were up in September, the 33rd consecutive month for growth.

The commercial trucking industry experienced a stall in growth in 2009 as the nation faced an economic recession, but commercial truck sales over the past few months are 127 percent higher than the same period in 2009, The Trucker reports.

“In a brand-by-brand look at the August sales figures, Daimler Trucks North America’s Freightliner nameplate once again led the field, selling 5,872 trucks, a 9.4 percent gain over July and a 31.2 percent improvement from the year before,” The Trucker reported. “The total makes August Freightliner’s best month since January 2007. DTNA’s Western Star nameplate tallied 348 Class 8 sales in August, up 83.2 percent from the previous month and up 126 percent from August 2011.”

The commercial truck industry is experiencing growing demand, especially as many other sectors across the country – housing, manufacturing, etc. – begin to show signs of an economic recovery. A stadium full of drivers is needed each year and many labor expects expect that demand to remain for at least another decade, if not longer.

Job seekers who would like to find work in a growing industry should look no further than the commercial trucking sector. Not only are drivers in high demand, but economist often refer to trucking as the nation’s most recession proof industry, meaning a future economic collapse will have the least amount of impact on commercial truck drivers, especially those with professional training.

Carriers need new drivers now and they are desperate to find truck drivers that can help them keep up with rising demand in almost every part of the country. However, carriers are especially interested in truck drivers with professional training, such as students of Diesel Driving Academy who are often times completing the CDL training program with multiple job offers from some of the nation’s top trucking companies. If you are looking for a new career and want to enter an industry that is growing, then becoming a commercial truck driver may be your best option, and completing the CDL training program at DDA is the best place to start.