I am Randy Moran, and I am with the Diesel Trucking Academy – I go to school here. I’m learning how to drive. I’m getting a CDL, and I’m learning how to drive eighteen wheelers.

Seeing as how I live around here, what made me want to get started as a truck driver was that I saw a few commercials on the television, and I really wanted to obtain that kind of money because I wasn’t getting that kind of money on the job that I was going and doing a lot of manual labor. Back-breaking work, if you will. I wanted to stray away from that and find a career that I can get into and make a nice amount of money without overworking myself. CDL Truck driving is perfect for that.

Well, the training up to this point has been a breeze. It’s been real easy, and the instructors work with you every day. They let you know what you’re doing wrong, it’s nothing that you can’t handle, and it’s easy to tolerate the person because they’re giving you everything you need to know what you need to do on that road in order not to hurt anybody or to hurt yourself.

When I first started, I was not nervous because when I got into the classroom, the teachers and the students, as well as the teacher, all create like a family atmosphere. We’re all learning the same thing, same curriculum, and everybody pitches in to help each other – there’s nothing more you can ask for!

The only advice I’d give is come in with your mind open, willing to learn, and you’ll get right through it. It’s no problem at all, and the school makes it easy to do what you need to do and get your CDL and get on the road. Pay attention, and be open minded, listen to your instructor, and you’ll be ready to go when you graduate!