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Baton Rouge graduate updates!

We’ve got updates on a few of our graduates from the Baton Rouge campus! Mary Strother graduated August 21 from the Basic class, and is currently driving for Schneider. Dwayne Knighten also graduated Aug 21 from the Basic class, and he got a job driving for Williams Transport. Gregory Sanders and Samantha Herod graduated Aug 21 from the April Advanced Day class, both of them have started driving for Schneider. Congrats to each of you, and best wishes to you as you being your new careers!

New DDA grad Ira Wheeler goes to drive for Werner

Congratulations to DDA graduate Ira Wheeler who made the decision to start his driving career with Werner Enterprises! Way to go!

DDa graduate goes to drive for Werner

DDA grad Milton Scott goes to Werner

DDA graduate Milton Scott started driving for Werner Enterprises after graduation! Way to go, Milton! Congratulations on becoming a Professional Driver!

Atlanta graduate Justin Mitchell back for a visit with his Werner truck

Justin “Juddy” Mitchell graduated from DDA Atlanta in March and is working for Werner now.  He came to DDA when he was unemployed, and had his electric shut off… and says that his life changed for the better once he graduated. Now, he comes back to campus often to talk with our current students, and he’s even referred a few students to DDA too! Thanks for the visits, Justin! We are very proud of your success!!
DDA graduate Justin Mitchell

Werner Enterprises Operation Freedom Truck at DDA in Baton Rouge

DDA Students Blake Graham, Samantha Herod, and Regina Jackson getting a close look at the Werner Operation Freedom truck on campus. Interested in driving for Werner after you master your professional driving skills and graduate from DDA? Talk to anyone in our Job Placement department to see how you can get started with Werner!




Here’s what’s going on at DDA Baton Rouge

We take a lot of pictures, my camera has run out of film (haha, just kidding…but remember those days?) Here’s a few of some recent Baton Rouge graduates. Now, I want to see your selfies! Send us your best selfie, we want to see where you’ve been!!

Ricardo Beasley, May 2015 graduate. David Parker, June 2015 graduate. Gene Martin, January 2015 graduate. James Abram, February 2015 graduate.

Now, Submit Your Selfies!

Lets see your selfies from the road! Send them our way so we can share them with our staff, students and fans on Facebook! Click here to send us any photos you have!

Submit your selife to share with DDA staff, students, and fans on Facebook

Sean Farmer receives his Class A permit!

Congrats to Sean Farmer from Atlanta who just received his Class-A permit! Way to go!

DDA Atlanta student with permit

Truck Stunts & what’s happenin’ at DDA Atlanta

Admissions officers from Atlanta get in for a photo-op with Felicia Berggren who works for Werner Enterprises. Yep, she’s got her cat Malibu with her. It was International Hug Your Cat Day!

DDA Atlanta campus

Terrell Hudson started his classes at the Atlanta campus one month ago, on June 8th! He’s in our Advanced Morning class and is headed for an October graduation! Keep up the awesome work, Terrell!

CDL student at DDA Atlanta

CrAzY Truck Stunts!

Now, check out these crazy truck stunts… and don’t try this at work!

DDA Little Rock graduate William “Shawn” Neal

William “Shawn” Neal graduated at the end of June 2015 and has a fantastic career in the trucking industry ahead of him! Congratulations!

DDA graduate

DDA Students Pass Their Skills Tests

Garrick Hayes, Michael Radtke, Joey Dorton, Chris Cordell, Clifton David Green, and Keith Deadmon on the day they all passed their CDL skills test! The entire class passed on their first try! Great job guys!

DDA students pass their skills test

Companies that Hire our Drivers