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New Truck Graduates from DDA Shreveport

Update on a few of our Shreveport students —

Deraius Smith graduated Feb. 18, 2015 and is starting his new career with Covenant Transport.

Eric Franks graduated Feb. 18 and is headed to Maverick Transportation out of Little Rock, AR to start his career.

Geraldo Williams graduated Feb. 18 and is planning on starting his driving career locally in the ArkLaTex area.

Issac Thomas also graduated Feb. 18 and is going to work for Covenant Transport.

Congratulations to each of you on a job well done! You guys really put in a lot of hard work and it’s paid off! Best of luck to each of you as you begin your new careers as professional truck drivers! Make sure you swing by once in a while to say hi!

Touche and Dumanica graduate today!

February 27th – it’s a good day! Touche Mclean (right) Dumanica Hayes (left) passed their Georgia CDL exam and will graduate TODAY from DDA Atlanta! WaHoo!

DDA Atlanta graduates

Graduate updates from DDA Baton Rouge

Lots going on at the Baton Rouge campus lately! Here’s a few photos from a few of our recent graduates!

Michael Ware, Dustin Veron, Raymond Newland, Edwin Blanco & Eric Clay stated with the 12/29 Basic class, and graduated 1/23/15. Ty Roberts graduated 1/23 and is now working for Covenant. Samuel Davis started in the 7/21/14 class and he graduates 2/13/2015. Best wishes to each of you as you start out in your new truck driving careers!

New drivers graduate from DDA Baton Rouge

More updates from our Baton Rouge students! Vanessa Mercer started in the 9/29/14 Basic class, graduated 10/24/14 and is working for Werner. Lamarto Green and his family on graduation day. Justin Jurado and Nolan Griffin both started in the 7/7/14 class, graduated 11/21/14 and decided to drive for Empire Express. Raechell O’Conner started 10/27/14, graduated 11/21/14 and has been working for CTL. Instructor Randall and Kendall Miles after passing his CDL test. Kendall started 5/19/14, graduated 12/12/14 and now works for ABC Tree Service.

Congratulations to each of you on a job well done, we hope for the best for you in your trucking careers!

Let them eat cake!

Going Away party at DDA Little Rock for instructor Smith

Joseph Conrad with Donald Smith at his “Going Away” party that was coordinated by the students at the Little Rock campus. Everyone celebrated Mr. Smith’s achievements and accomplishments the best way we know how – with cake!

Michael and Mitchell visit the Little Rock campus

It’s always nice when our graduates stop by, because it gives us a chance to catch up with what they’ve been up to, plus our current students get to talk to someone that has gone through the exact same training, and see where it has taken them. Plus, we’re all just little kids are heart and we like to see what trucks everyone gets to drive!

Mitchell Gilmore and Michael Bates both dropped by the Little Rock campus with their truck to see students, staff and instructors.

Visit from 2014 graduate Morris Tougas

Morris Tougas graduated from DDA Shreveport in November 2014. He stopped by to say hello and thank you to his Admissions Officer Jason Seals. Morris is now working for JDS Auto Transport and loving his new career!

2014 graduate from DDA Shreveport

Hey! What’s your 10-20?

Hey, graduates, whats your 20? We love to hear your stories and see your photos from the road! Send us any pictures you’ve got and be sure to include the load & location details for consideration in a future post as part of our success!

Post them to our Facebook page, send them in a private message, or submit them to us at

Here’s a few we’ve already received!


Terry Dreher
in Diboll, TX: “Solid foam roofing insulation and I work for Maverick Transportation”
in North Little Rock, AR: “Steel coils delivered to Ryerson Tull”
in Galvaston, TX: “Granite countertops from Galveston Texas”

Joshua Quinn
“Winslow, AZ. Fresno, CA bound.”
DDA graduate Joshua Quinn in AZ

Jesse “TruckLife” Nash
in Jackson, TN – owner operator
DDA graduate Jesse Nash in Tennessee

Timothy Hopkins
“ATS/Brewton Express, specialized heavy haul and independent contractor.”
DDA graduate Tim Hopkins

Mike Davis
“‘Bout to leave the house going to Spring, TX with TMC.”
DDA graduate Mike Davis headed to Texas

LaDerrick Washington
in Iowa
DDA graduate LaDerrick Washington in Iowa

Jarryd Jones
“2 years strong at Conway Truckload. Loving this lifestyle”
DDA graduate Jarryd Jones driving for Conway

John Van Compernolle
“Graduated January 27th and starting with Covenant Transport”
new DDa graduate John Van Compernolle going to Covenant

Brian Baker
“Not a graduate, but I will be March 20th!”
DDA student Brian Baker

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