Trucking is a career that is in high demand and many people are interested in getting into, but the real question on many people’s minds is how much will it cost to go through CDL training?

The good news is that getting your Commercial Driver’s License is much more affordable than a standard 4-year college program. However, there are a few things that will determine how much getting your CDL through a training program will cost.

Program Variety

At DDA, you can choose from three different CDL training programs that will fit with your current skill level so you can meet your professional goals.

The CDL Basic License training program, you are looking at 4 weeks of hands-on training. The Advanced program will require a bit more training, running 20 weeks for daytime classes, and 30 for the evening schedule. Admissions Representatives will help you cover the basics needed for entry into the program. The 3-week CDL prep class will help you stay sharp behind the wheel and improve your driving skills.

What Do These Programs Cost?

Tuition costs will vary, depending on which program you enroll in, if you qualify or use any sort of financial aid, or if you attend school through a carrier sponsorship program. At DDA, we offer a variety of financial aid options that can assist students in paying for their driving school costs.

Admissions staff can help provide with exact costs for each CDL training program, and can help with registration and enrollment.

Keep The Big Picture In Mind

While having to pay for your truck driving school may seem challenging, there are options and ways to help bring the costs down. Talk to a school represetnative today about programs that cover most (or even all) of your training costs! Drivers entering the industry make an average of $40,260 USD in their first year with great potential for growth beyond their initial forays into the industry.

For information on how to register, or for how much it will cost you to get your certification to begin your new career in just a few short months, call DDA today!! 1-800-551-8900