As the economy has been ever changing and job situation has been ever changing the last several years, the trucking industry still continues to see a greater demand for students coming out of truck driving schools. We see the demand for student drivers is greatly increasing. We value our ongoing business relationship with Diesel and hope to see many more students coming out of your schools in 2011. As of this date we area putting approximately 60 students a week through our orientation classes and in the work force.

At Covenant Transport our values drive our performance, as proven by industry statistics, ranking us as one of the top truckload carriers in the United States, measured by revenue according to Transport Topics, a publication of the American Trucking Association.

Our business strategy is focused on target markets where we believe our service standards can provide a competitive advantage to manufacturers, retail, freight forwarders, and third party logistics providers that require a high level of service to support their business.

Covenant Transport has obtained several awards for service and safety from our customers and states that we drive in. Good programs as provided by the truck driving schools like yours make this possible due to the ever increasing demand for new drivers in the industry.

We congratulate your staff and management and look forward to continued cooperative work between Covenant Transport and Diesel Driving Academy.

Thank you,

Jamey Moon
Director of Field Recruiting
Covenant Transport
Chattanooga, TN