My name is Michael Krieg, and I am director of training and placement for Diesel Driving Academy in Shreveport Training Center. I oversee all the day to day operations of the campus here that includes students, instructors, equipment, facilities…everything.

The trucking industry is very high demand, very high, I mean we have 6, 7, 8 different companies that come in that recruit students from our location. When they graduate from here, they go with a driver trainer for four to six weeks, and they put them on the road after that, and give them the keys to their truck, and they let them go on the road.

The demand is very high, it’s one of the most recession-proof industries out there.

What separates us from the rest of the trucking schools is that we’re an accredited school, and we’re one of a handful of maybe four or five in the entire country. We have a top notch program! Nobody else has a program like we have here, and we have an advanced 20 week program where the students are in the class. They don’t even get behind the wheel of a truck until their 5th week, and then from there, you know we do all kinds of backing maneuvers with them. We do that for a few weeks before we put them on the street, and then we teach them how to shift before we even actually put them into traffic situations.

The best advice I could give someone is come to school, be ready for the first day that you come in that classroom. We’re going to teach you everything that you need to know to get your permit, and we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about how to operate the truck.

Be committed when you come here, and we’re going to do the rest, and when you decide to graduate, you need to go to work with one of those fine carriers because they’re going to teach you things even after you leave here, that they can prepare you for: snow, ice, mountains, weighted or loaded trailers, all of those things that sometimes we can’t do here because we don’t have those conditions here in Louisiana!

This career is open to all individuals. We have young, old -well not to say old but I mean – we have women, men, obviously, there is no bias towards any, one way or the other. I have students as young as 21, I have some in their 50’s, and some in their 60’s. It’s never too late to begin a career in this industry!