Find out which company you want to start your driving career with! DDA Little campus Recruiter Presentation schedule:

1/11/16: Maverick Transportation, 5:30pm
1/12/16: Maverick Transportation, 8:30am
1/13/16: Covenant Transport, 5:30pm
1/14/16: Covenant Transport, 8:30am
1/14/16: Schneider, 3:30pm & 5:30pm
2/22/16: Maverick Transportation, 5:30pm
2/23/16: Maverick Transportation, 8:30am

Come out and learn more about each company, see what each one offers their first year drivers, and learn more about getting started as a professional driver! Recruiter visits are subject to time/date change or cancellation. Please see your Admissions Officer, or the Director of Training and Placement for questions about any of these companies, or recruiter presentations.