Scott Moore with TMC brought his rig and flatbed to the Shreveport training center to show and he talked with several students. Scott graduated from DDA in November 2011.

CDL Graduate from DDA Schreveport Scott Moore

Q: Where are you working now that you’ve completed your CDL training at Diesel Driving Academy?

A: TMC Transportation


Q: How do you like your new job?

A: I like it!

Q: Where were you working before you were trained as a professional truck driver?

A: Oilfield


Q: What made you choose Diesel Driving Academy?

A: They were accredited driving school, plus they had pre-employment


Q: Were you nervous about the training and transition into a career with a lot of responsibility?

A: Somewhat

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with someone coming rom a similar situation?

A: With the driving skills from DDA, you can get a job with anybody!!


         CDL training graduate at DDA in Shreveport, LA         CDL Graduate Scott Morre at Diesel Driving Academy in Shreveport