All kinds of industries are embracing technology as a way to make business more efficient and the commercial truck industry is no different as everything from driver devices and regulator logs are utilizing the latest technological advancements.

Commercial truck drivers, which are in high demand, are increasing their use of mobile devices. According to’s third annual mobile usage survey, commercial truck drivers have shown a substantial increase in use of smartphone GPS navigation over traditional GPS units and a larger use for social media and apps via mobile devices and phones.

“The 2012 UShip Mobile Usage Survey surprisingly shows smartphone and GPS devices on a bit of a collision course, especially as mobile phones expand their feature versatility, especially with apps and social media,” said Eddie Peloke, vice president for mobile, UShip. “Study findings also coincide with UShip mobile app trends, which has seen 3000 percent increase in downloads – in the hundreds of thousands – over the past year alone.”

Other findings in the survey show that almost twice as many commercial truck drivers use Android phones over iPhones and over half of all truck drivers say their phone already has or could replace their GPS device while on the road.

A new logging application is another form of technology that is getting ready to be released to the commercial truck industry and will help trucks move quicker through checkpoints. Navman Wireless recently announced that it is developing new logging applications next year. The new application called eFleetSuite will allow fleet managers who use the Navman Wireless OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system to use paperless driver logs, expediting commercial truck movement.

“eFleetSuite was specifically designed to provide telematics providers with off-the-shelf electronic driver log and DVIR applications that can be quickly implemented as well as customized to each partner’s needs,” said ISEPresident Hass Machlab in a recent article. “By selecting eFleetSuite as its FMSCA compliance platform, Navman Wireless is equipping its customers with the tools to improve safety, lower their CSA scores, and streamline the process of conforming to FMSCA requirements.”

The new technology will allow commercial truck drivers to access an electronic log and report hours of service. Roadside inspectors will be able to access a log history on their computer screen and dispatchers can view driver logs, including violations, driver time, mileage summaries and driver availability, through an the electronic system.

The new technology is just another example of the advancements under way in the growing commercial truck industry, which is experiencing a high demand for professionally trained truck drivers.

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