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CDL Training in Little Rock, AR

11001 I-30 | Little Rock, AR 72209

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To find one of the best Little Rock truck driving schools, look no further than Diesel Driving Academy. Our truck driving training school in Little Rock is where you can earn a quality trucking education in Arkansas’ historic, lively capital city.

At our truck driving school, you’ll learn the skills and gain the experience that can help you pursue a rewarding new career path. If you’re ready to get started at the DDA CDL school in Little Rock, Arkansas, then give us a call today!

News From Our Little Rock Campus

DDA Graduates get Hired!

Congrats to the Sept. 3 Advanced AM class in Baton Rouge who graduated Jan. 18!

DDA CDL graduates

Vincent Rogers, Edward Plow, Juanita Jackson, Frank Brooks, Michael Taylor, and Deldrick Eackels.

We would also like to congratulate the following DDA Little Rock graduates who recently started their new truck driving careers!

Terrance Williams went to work for Majic Trucking on December 21, 2012
William Eversmeyer went to work for Werner December 26, 2012
Aaron Lewis went to work for Werner on December 26, 2012
Phillip Walker went to work for Covenant on January 7, 2013
Ronald Myatt went to work for TMC on January 21, 2013
James Smith went to work for Central Arkansas Transit on January 28, 2013

Nice work, everyone!!

Little Rock Career Fair a Huge Success!

The Career Fair on Sept 21 at the DDA Little Rock campus was a huge success! A big THANK YOU to everyone that came out!

DDA Little Rock Career Fair 9/21 - visit from Schneider National recruiter

Schneider National Driver Eric Reid

DDA Little Rock Career Fair 9/21 - visit from TMC Transport recruiter

TMC Transport driver James Howell

DDA Little Rock Career Fair 9/21 - Werner Enterprises recruiter

Werner Enterprises driver James Cathey

DDA Little Rock career fair 9/31 - Stevens Transport recruiter

Stevens Transport driver Ryan Laine



DDA Featured in Arkansas Democrat Gazette article: Keep on Truckin’

This article appeared on the cover of the Classified Section of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette in Little Rock on September 23, 2012.  Both Barry Busada and Freddy Gregg were quoted in the article, which can be read in full below.
DDA Little Rock featured in Arkansas Democrat Gazette Article

Keep on Truckin’

Shortage of qualified drivers could mean higher salaries within industry

By: Linda Garner, Advertising Feature Writer

With many members of the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age, the Commercial Trucking Industry is experiencing a shortage of professionally trained truck drivers. This shortage has dramatically driven up annual salaries for qualified drivers, said Noel Perry, Managing Director for FRT Associates of Nashville, IN.

“The driver shortage has driven up salaries by 5 percent this year… to $50,000 a year now,” he said, adding that despite a national unemployment rate of more than 8 percent there is still a demand for truck drivers.


“We’re training a lot of people that used to work in construction, factory and manufacturing jobs right now,” said Freddy Gregg of Diesel Driving Academy in Little Rock. “People are looking for jobs that have high wages, good benefits and are recession proof. That’s what truck driving can provide.”

Arkansas is home to six of the nations largest For Hire trucking companies – FedEx Freight in Harrison, J.B. Hun Transport in Springdale, ABF Freight System in Fort Smith, USA Truck in Van Buren, PAM Transport in Tontitown, and Maverick USA in North Little Rock.

Data from the Federal Highway Administration shows a total of about 6,000 trucking companies in the state, many of them small businesses. The good news is that all of those businesses need qualified drivers, and that means more jobs are available for Arkansans.

Trucks account for about 86 percent of all Arkansas inbound and outbound freight, followed by rail at 9 percent, water at 3 percent, and intermodal at 2 percent. To keep goods and materials moving on schedule, qualified drivers are needed for both local and cross-country routes.

“The best thing about this career is that you don’t need any prior trucking experience,” said Barry Busada, also of Diesel Driving Academy in Little Rock. Busada said qualified students can complete training and be prepared to start work in a short time, often with jobs ready and waiting.


The decision to become a professional truck driver is not one to be taken lightly, as the career is actually more of a lifestyle. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most tractor-trailer drivers are long-haul drivers, meaning that they spend days or even weeks at a time on the road, often including weekends and holidays. Many individual, both men and women, find trucking to be a personally rewarding and lucrative career, citing the feeling of freedom and the chance to see more of the nation as part of the profession’s appeal.

In addition to driving tractor-trailer rigs long distances, truck driver are also responsible for loading and unloading cargo and keeping a log of their daily activities. Drivers must also inspect their trailers before and after runs and keep their trucks and equipment clean and in good working order.


Most drivers plan their own routes, often using satellite tracking to help plan the best route to deliver their cargo on schedule. Drivers must follow traffic laws in each area through which they travel and must be aware of truck restrictions for various routes.

While many drivers are employed by trucking companies, others buy or lease trucks and work independently. These owner-operators are also responsible for business tasks, such as seeking out clients and taking care of accounting tasks.

Most trucking companies require entry-level drivers to have a high-school diploma or equivalent and offer short on-the-job training. Arkansas also has several schools devoted to instructing new drivers in how to handle a rig. Drivers must have a commercial driver’s license, or CDL.

To find out more about the trucking industry and related careers, visit the American Trucking Association website,, or the BLS website at

Little Rock CDL graduate Keith Nicholson

Keith Nicholson recently stopped by to show off his Con-Way rig. He graduated from the Little Rock campus.

CDl graduate from DDA Little Rock Keith Nicholson

So…Why Did You Start at the Diesel Driving Academy?

DDA Little Rock student Todd PorterfieldTodd Porterfield — “I came for the opportunity to make more money.”

DDA Little Rock student Charlie BlakeCharlie Blake — “To learn to drive 18 wheelers.”

DDA Little Rock student Broderick MartinBroderick Martin — “I started school at DDA for a better career and a great retirement plan.”

DDA Little Rock student Daryl SimpsonDaryl Simpson — “DDA was my choice all the way!”

Josh Walker shows off truck to current students

DDA Little Rock Graduate Josh Walker stopped by to show off his new Werner truck to currently enrolled students.

Josh Walker stops by DDA Little Rock to visit

DDA students look at Werner TruckDDA students check out Werner truck

Mitch Busada – Operations Manager

I am Mitch Busada, and I am the Operations Manager. I work out of the corporate office in Shreveport, but I work on a daily basis with the campuses. (more…)

Freddy Gregg – Little Rock CDL Training Director

My name is Freddy Gregg, and I am the Director of Placement and Training at Diesel Driving Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas. Basically, I’m responsible for the training that the students get, as well as placing the students in jobs for successful careers in the driving industry. (more…)

Companies that Hire our Drivers