Financial Aid – Contact Us to Find Out if You Qualify!

Enrolling in driver training is an investment in you. It’s an important step, and we’re here to help. Diesel Driving Academy‘s financial aid team will help you find out if you qualify for a reasonable financial aid plan and then help you build it to maximize your options. We do this in person and will make the effort to guide you through the process of identifying appropriate grants, scholarships or loans.

We can also help you figure out if you’re qualified for federal student aid through the FAFSA application program.

We want to make applying for financial assistance as simple as possible for you and answer all the questions you may have. We will do whatever we can to clarify what may seem like an overwhelming process.

These programs were established to guarantee a minimum amount of funds to every eligible student planning to attend a post-secondary training institution. Eligibility is determined according to guidelines set by the federal government.

Contact us now at 1-800-551-8900 to apply for financial aid today!


Diesel Driving Academy is Licensed and/or Approved by:

  • The State of Louisiana Board of Regents
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Work Force Investment Act (WIOA)
  • Veteran Education & Training
  • United States Department of Education (USDE)
  • Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education


Diesel Driving Academy is Accredited by:

  • Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE)