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COVID-19 has put the country in a tailspin. With most of the 50 States in declared states of emergency, many Americans are living under some sort of stay-at-home order. Many businesses have closed their doors causing mass layoffs. Uncertainty has become a way of life. The one thing that we hope to continue to rely on is having access to food and necessities – all of which is only made accessible because we have brave truck drivers on the front lines distributing goods to keep America’s store shelves stocked. However, keeping America’s stores stocked has put a tremendous strain on a trucking industry that had already been suffering from a truck driver shortage. Truck drivers are needed more than ever to keep the supply chain so that food, soap, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies get to store shelves. Here are 5 reasons why you should become a truck driver.

#1 Truck Driver Training Doesn’t Take Long to Complete

To start a new career, it often takes years of training to get certified or to complete a degree. Depending on the program, CDL training programs may only take a few months to complete. For example, DDA offers their Class A CDL training and can be completed in anywhere from 4-weeks to 20-weeks. Our Class A CDL training is designed for those who have no prior driving experience. If you want to become a professional truck driver, this program will prepare you for a new and in-demand career in the trucking industry!

#2 Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss – sort of. Okay, so commercial truck drivers do have bosses, but they don’t have bosses looking directly over their shoulder telling them what to do every second of the day. Truck drivers are held accountable for their work by the status of their shipments, but they typically don’t have to worry about working in a traditional work environment where they have to put up with an overbearing boss.

#3 Pay is Better Than Average Right Out of the Gate

A career as a commercial truck driver offers many advantages. However, one of the main advantages is that people entering the truck driving career field can make good money right out of the gate. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Heavy and Tractor-trailer Truck Drivers have a median pay over $40,000 a year. Some truck drivers can make over $70,000 a year. Truck drivers often start out with a higher than average starting salary, good benefits, and opportunities for advancement and stability.

#4 You Work Well Under Pressure… and Not Scared of Hard Work

The situations you will face as a truck driver varies from severe weather conditions to overwhelming road construction, or heavy traffic. The job requires running a tight ship, getting to your destinations on time with a safe and secure load. You can read a map, figure out GPS, and can manage your time well. You have a patient manner and are able to keep a clear head when unexpected issues come your way. Problems like these can actually be fun challenges for you.

#5 Feel the Freedom of the Road

Does sitting in an office every day staring at a computer sound awful to you? A commercial truck driver is able to look out over the open road and the landscape they are passing, whether it be mountains, the prairie, or the desert. Plus, a truck driver can personalize their truck driving experience in many more ways than they could several years ago. Many commercial trucks are outfitted with the ability for add-ons, whether it be a min-fridge, gaming system, or entertainment center. Truck drivers can personalize their trucks to make it feel like a home away from home. In today’s commercial truck work, drivers can feel right at home on the road.

Are you Ready for Truck Driver Training?

The advantages of becoming a professional truck driver are many and they go beyond just the good pay and benefits. The Diesel Driving Academy offers a CDL training program that is helping job seekers start a long-term career as a professional commercial truck driver, which is especially needed in today’s era of high unemployment. Carriers all across the country are experiencing a shortage of qualified drivers, which makes professional training from a respected school like the Diesel Driving Academy the logical first step in getting work in this growing industry.

*This article was originally published in 2015 and has been updated according to industry standards*