image of a text message screen. Green text message bubble reads "Good morning, have a great day!" with a grey message reply that reads "Thank you, you too!"

Life is good on the open road, but being away from your family can make you feel like you’re missing out. Stay in touch with the people you love best with these clever tips that’ll make you feel at home sweet home no matter where you are.

Visit Face-to-Face

Skype is a free video communication app, but it does more than let you visit with your family face-to-face. You can use Skype to send photos, videos, and voice messages so that you and your family can share highlights of your day.

Let Your Family Track Your Travels

GPS Phone Tracker is an app that lets family members track each other’s whereabouts. Your family can check the app to see where you are in your journey at any given time. As an added bonus, this app can help you find your phone if you leave it behind at the Flying J.

Set Up a Family Facebook or Instagram Group

Facebook lets you and your family post photos, videos, and stories to keep track of what’s happening at home and on the road. Instagram is a photo-based app that lets you post photos and videos of your day. Set up a family Facebook or Instagram group so the whole family can enjoy snapshots and stories that make the miles between you melt away.

Take ‘Em With You

Taking a family member out on the road with you gives your loved one a first-hand glimpse of what your life is like when you’re away from home, and it makes the miles go by more quickly. Enjoy quality time together, see some sights, and have a ball.

Play a Game

After a long day on the road, settling in to play a game with your beloved via your smartphone is a great way to unwind and spend quality time together at a distance. Words With Friends is a Scrabble-like game, while Dice With Buddies is reminiscent of Yahtzee. These and Chess TimeGin Rummy Plus, and Uno Classic With Friends are just a handful of the many remote-player games available for family fun while you’re away.

Send Postcards

Everyone loves getting happy mail, and your family will enjoy getting good, old-fashioned postcards from you depicting where you’ve been. Purchase a roll of stamps before you leave, and when you gas up, grab a postcard, jot a quick note, and send it off right then and there. The kids will love collecting them.

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