blog image: The Truth Behind 3 Common Truck Driving Misconceptions. Image of a female trucker standing in front of a blurred out white semi truck


Truck drivers work hard to keep America moving, but the profession is often misunderstood. We’re here to clarify 3 misconceptions people often have about truck driving and the people who work in the industry.

Truck drivers are all male

False! According to Transport Topics, “what was once considered strictly a male-dominated industry is rapidly becoming extremely diversified.” The trucking industry is open to anyone wanting to put in the time, training, and effort.  Women in Trucking Association and REAL Women in Trucking are just two organizations that work with and encourage women to begin successful careers in the trucking industry.

Truck drivers are lazy

Not true! Truck driving takes a lot of work, both physically and mentally. There are driver trainers that spend weeks with brand new drivers, training and teaching them the rules of the road, and ways to safely handle their truck. Working long hours and constantly having to focus on the road can be mentally exhausting. Plus, many drivers often load or unload their own trucks.

Truck drivers never see family

Long-haul OTR truck drivers do spend a lot of time on the road, but they still don’t live a life of solitude. Truck drivers have their own language and communicate with each other through CB radios. Video calls allow drivers to stay more connected with people back home than ever before. Plus, the opportunity for local or short-haul CDL jobs means more home time.

These are just 3 misconceptions about truck drivers. The reality is that truck drivers take their job very seriously. They work hard to meet deadlines, strive to keep their driving miles accident-free, and somehow manage to find enough time to sleep, eat, and stay connected with family and friends back home.

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