50 Businesses in 50 Days: Diesel Driving Academy partners with Louisiana Delta Community College

Diesel Driving Academy is new to the family of supporters for Louisiana Delta Community College (LDCC). When LDCC decided to answer the call for the demand of commercial vehicle operators, Diesel Driving Academy came quickly to mind.

Trucks move about 70 percent of all United States inland freight, according to the American Trucking Association (ATA). The ATA estimates the need for as many as 100,000 drivers a year to keep up with the demand from continued economic expansion. Diesel Driving Academy has partnered with LDCC to train drivers to push more drivers into the pipeline. In as little as four weeks, students can be on their way to a rewarding career.

Thank you Diesel Driving Academy for supporting Louisiana Delta Community College!

Read more about the partnership between DDA and LDCC here.