World Record Semi Truck Jump!

YES, stunt driving semi tractors is a thing. July 23-25, 2015 was Evel Knievel Days (it’s an extreme sports festival) in his hometown of Butte, Montana. In front of hundreds of cheering onlookers, Gregg Godfrey shattered his 2008 world record by jumping his semi-truck 166 feet in the air. His 2008 record was a 50-foot jump, which was broken in 2014 with a 83.7 foot jump… Oh, and that one just happened to include an attached trailer….

And, just because he could… he ended this world record shattering jump by kindly parallel parking his rig. (which most people can’t pull off on a normal day, with parallel park assist!)

YouTube video by Colton Moore
More Info: Evel Kneivel Days