Why We’re Celebrating “National ‘Read a Road Map’ Day!”

image of a caucasian male truck driver standing in front of a shiny red tractor against a blue sky with whispy cloudsThese days, professional truck drivers have many highly advanced pieces of technology at their disposal. Of course, they have access to GPS technology, which is one of the most commonly used technologies for many drivers. Truckers also have cell phones with which they can contact their dispatcher and request guidance.

GPS and cell phones have changed the way truckers operate. However, some things have remained the same. A good, reliable road map is still an absolute necessity for any professional trucker. GPS devices and cell phones may break or run out of battery power, but road maps will not.

Read below to see why, on April 5th, we are celebrating this obscure day know as “National ‘Read a Road Map’ Day!”

Road maps are reliable

One of the main advantages of road maps is that they don’t break or run out of power. These problems commonly affect GPS devices and cell phones. Many truckers carry chargers for their devices, but these chargers are easy to forget. A trucker that has a cell phone with a dead battery and no charger is in big trouble if they don’t have a paper road map. Such situations are why every professional trucker should have a comprehensive set of road maps with them at all times.

Road maps are easy to read

GPS devices and cell phones can be difficult to read. Sometimes the screens are too dim, or they reflect too much sunlight. Paper road maps don’t present this problem. They are always easy to read. Also, paper maps are much bigger than the screens on cell phones or GPS devices.

Good road maps are waterproof

Professional truckers can, and should, buy waterproofed paper maps. These maps are usually laminated for protection against the elements. Electronic devices are very susceptible to water, but laminated maps are not. Such maps can be incredibly important if the truck breaks down in a rainstorm, which many truckers will tell you happens fairly often. Rand McNally even prints maps specific for motor carriers with updated restricted routes, low clearance, and weigh station locations.

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