photo of a caucasian female truck driver sitting in the driver seat of her red semi truck, smiling towards the camera.

It’s exciting to be a female trucker! The freedom, your favorite music, getting the job done well- there are plenty of perks to being a woman on the open road, but there are also precautions to take to ensure your safety. Check out these tips:

Be aware of your surroundings

Keep your head up and don’t stare at your phone. When walking to your truck, be sure to walk around the end of the parking spaces, instead of walking between trucks. If you feel uneasy, don’t be afraid to ask an employee at the rest stop to walk you to your truck. If someone walks up to your truck window while you’re sitting in the parking lot, wave them on. Consider taking a self-defense class to keep yourself safe. Walking through parking lots at night can be scary, and it’s important to know that you’re physically capable of fighting off someone who tries to bother you. Many community centers offer these classes for free. If it’s legal in the states you drive through, carry pepper spray and learn how to use it properly.

Woman’s Best Friend

Do you drive for a pet-friendly carrier? Consider rescuing or adopting a dog! When walking your canine companion, be sure to do so in well-lit areas. In addition, a reflective vest for both you and your furry friend helps you remain visible to drivers. Lastly, be sure to keep plenty of water in your truck for both you and Fido.


When it’s time to sleep, be sure the doors are locked. Go the extra mile to secure your doors by using a ratchet strap or looping the seatbelt through the door handle. Keep an airhorn nearby so that you can alert others if someone is trying to open your door. Your CB radio makes you easy to track when you’re parked- for this reason, don’t use your radio unless you’re moving. Lastly, if you break down at night, put our your triangles and then get back in your truck, and lock the doors until help arrives.

Being a female trucker has some unique challenges, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Stay safe!

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