18-wheeler driving on highway during summer

How Do Professional Drivers Prepare for the Summer Season?

The summer season is now in full swing. This time of the year brings higher temperatures, longer days, more people on the road, and greater freight availability. These factors will now grow the responsibilities that truck drivers already possess. But don’t fret – the team at Diesel Driving Academy has compiled a list of the best summer driving tips for drivers to have their most successful summer yet. Keep reading to see if you’ve checked off every item!

Summer Driving Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

As stated before, the July-September months bring record-high temperatures across the United States. And more sun comes more energy consumption and sweat, meaning quicker fatigue. To combat this, it’s essential to stay hydrated with enough water. Doctors recommend drinking, on average, eight to ten bottles of water per day for proper hydration. An easy way to accomplish this goal is by always keeping filled water bottles in the front with you instead of your favorite sugary drink. We also suggest using a reusable water bottle as it helps reduce the costs associated with multiple single-bottle purchases while also lowering your carbon footprint!

Summer Driving Tip #2: Wear Sunscreen

More sun brings about higher sun exposure. Now, many vehicles include windshields that filter out UV rays. However, the other windows that surround you daily cannot block the harmful UVB or UVA rays. Studies have shown that drivers are at a higher risk of developing skin damage or skin cancer. To prevent this, we advise wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 and reapplying every two hours during sun exposure. Researchers have also suggested that drivers keep exposed areas covered with protective clothing or sunglasses.

Summer Driving Tip #3: Practice Caution on the Road

These months bring about higher traffic conditions caused by vacation travelers and construction projects. Because of this, it’s crucial to account for these conditions when creating your route for the day and coming up with alternate routes in the event of road closures.  Drivers must also ensure that all safety measures are followed, including but not limited to following distance, speed, and secure loads, especially in construction zones. Reminder, construction zone fines are double or sometimes triple the standard ticket price.

Summer Driving Tip #4: Monitor Truck Conditions

The high heat conditions have also affected a truck’s mechanical makeup. Some things to look out for include increasing tire pressure, which can cause them to burst, low coolant levels, which can cause engines to overheat, and friction loss in the brakes. To combat any mechanical issues, a proper pre-trip and post-trip inspection is necessary. This effort offers peace of mind for drivers on the road and helps drivers discover possible issues before they become a more significant issue down the line.

Summer Driving Tip #5: Keep Your Cab Clean

The hot and humid weather conditions bring about higher temperatures inside the cab. If not treated right, these conditions can cause different bacteria and mold to build up in areas inside the truck. Thorough and proper cleaning at least once per week, along with proper air conditioning flow, can help deter these issues from arising in the first place.

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