Trucking offers a bright future, which is evident from the prediction that commercial truck sales will increase this year.

Sales of class 8 commercial trucks in the United States could increase by 5 percent in 2013 compared to 2012, according to W.M. Rush, president and CEO of Rush Enterprises, which owns the largest chains of Peterbilt and Navistar dealerships in the nation.

During an interview with reporters at Navistar’s annual technician skills rodeo, Rush said that most of those sales should occur in the back-half of next year and total between 190,000 to 210,000 units for 2013, continuing the trend of growth in the commercial truck market.

Rush also said that his company is still working to finalize a deal started during the third quarter of 2012 to acquire the assets of a Navistar dealership group in Ohio that sells International, IC Bus, and Isuzu trucks – along with an Idealease franchises – in eight locations, including: Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Findlay and Lima. Rush said that Navistar dealership acquisitions – expected to close in early in 2013 – provide a good opportunity to expand the ability of the company’s Rush Truck Centers division to serve customers better.

“This acquisition is really customer driven,” he said in his meeting with reporters last month. “We need to keep riding the service side of this business; that’s what our customers are asking us to do and what we’re trying to do. Being in Ohio expands our service footprint; it gives us more ‘dots on the map’ so if a Rush customer is in Ohio, they know we can take care of them.”

Rush also said truck demand was rising in part because of oil and natural gas production in the southwest.

“We do a lot of business with customers working in the shale fields of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico,” Rush said. “So we believe if they’ve liked doing business with us in those states, they may want to do business with us in Ohio.”
The demand for commercial truck drivers is being experienced in almost every part of the country as carriers are looking to meet growing demand for trucking services.

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