Becoming a commercial truck driver is not easy, but with the right mindset and training it’s a career almost anyone can enter.

There are many reasons to enter the commercial trucking industry and it’s a profession that offers a lot of advantages for its drivers, but there are also some challenges that prospective drivers should be aware of.

The commercial truck industry is currently experiencing rapid growth, which means the demand for drivers is higher than its been in years. Commercial truck carriers are eager to find professionally trained drivers and many students who graduate from the Diesel Driving Academy don’t have to wait long – if at all – to receive a job offer. Shipping loads continue to increase and the demand is expected to continue for many years, which means many more drivers will be needed.

Commercial trucking also offers good pay, especially for first year drivers. Employment benefits can also be very good and many professional truck drivers find that the opportunity to advance in their career is readily available, especially for those that can maintain a safe driving record.

In addition to the demand for drivers and the good pay, driving a truck can provide a unique profession for those who don’t want to work from behind a desk of in an office. For those that like to travel the life of a commercial truck driver can offer opportunities to see many parts of the country that would otherwise go unseen.

However, the job can be challenging. Traveling can mean some days spent away from home (depending on the route) and drivers must pay careful attention to safety as carriers continue to stress the importance of safe driving that is free from accidents or moving violations.

While the job of a truck driver can be challenging it can be much easier for those who have received professional CDL training, such as students from the Diesel Driving Academy. Students are prepared for the challenges of the profession and are much more likely to success. Plus, students are often higher on the list for recruiters that are looking to hire the best professional truck drives they can find.

Commercial trucking can offer a long-term and rewarding career but the decision to become a driver should be made carefully. The turnover rate can be high because many drivers jump into the professional without much thought or training. However, if you have decided this is a job you want to do and you receive the right kind of training, becoming a commercial truck driver could be one of the best decisions you ever make.