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Congratulations! You worked hard, graduated from truck driving school, and eagerly started your new trucking career. You’ve established yourself with your first trucking company but maybe now you aren’t so sure that you made the right choice. Let’s explore your options.

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Now that you’ve put in some time with your current company, you’ll likely have more options with others. In your first year of driving, you’ll spend a lot of time learning as much as possible, which is beneficial to getting that dream job (and pay) you are looking for. If the first company you work for is not a perfect fit, rest assured there are other companies that are looking for drivers with a bit of experience.

You’ve Got Options

One of the benefits of attending Diesel Driving Academy is getting help with job placement. Even after you graduate, you can let us know that the company you are with is not a good fit and our staff can help you find something that is a better match. The change may be as simple as driving a different type of truck or driving a different route.

It’s important to keep your options open and stay in contact with the school. At Diesel Driving Academy, our campuses regularly host recruiter visits with different trucking carriers. Talking to people from different companies and getting an inside feel for how the company works can open your eyes to other possibilities. These recruiters want to put you in a great job but they also want you to be a good fit for the company as much as you want the company to be a good fit for you.

If you are having trouble or just want to discuss your options, let’s talk! Our staff is here to offer you assistance. There are many different trucking companies, and one of those is a perfect fit for you. Together, we can find that company!

To learn more about the Job Placement Services offered at Diesel Driving Academy, contact us today at 1-800-551-8900 or swing by the Diesel Driving Academy campus near you!