Pre-Hire Letters

The pre-hire letter is a written acknowledgment, from a trucking company, that you qualify as a potential candidate for hire once you complete your CDL training. Obtaining a pre-hire letter is a great way to enhance your confidence once you start looking for a career. This way you have already have gotten ahead of the hiring process and can be on your way to the best career. Check out our recommended steps to help you get your own pre-hire letter.

Do Your Research

Research and understand the different carriers/companies you are interested in working for. Make sure the company culture is one you are interested in and that you can handle their expectations for drivers.

Be Prepared Before You Reach Out

You should make sure you do meet all the qualifications for getting a CDL.

For Louisiana Residents: Louisiana CDL Handbook 2019

For Arkansas Residents: Arkansas CDL Handbook 2019 

Be Neat

As we all know, honesty is the best policy. Your application will be your first impression. You need to provide accurate and thorough information and make it look as neat and professional as possible.

Be Honest

Be sure that you let each company know you are not CDL qualified, and you are interested in a pre-hire letter. Be sure to tell them your current training status. If you’re getting ready to begin CDL training, you’re in training, or you’re about to take the required tests, they will appreciate having an idea when you may be available. You may also have a better understanding of your employment probabilities.

The More Pre-Hire Letters, The Better Odds You Have

You can apply to as many trucking companies as you would like. Take the time to do this. You will have better odds at employment if you make yourself known.


Don’t assume that your application gets seen right away so do not be afraid to call and introduce yourself. Let the hiring staff know you have submitted your application and you are interested in someday working for their company.

Stand Out from the Crowd

If you already know you want to get CDL Endorsements, and you plan on becoming a highly-qualified truck driver, let them know. You may find you’re going to be in high demand. Don’t worry, you will learn more about CDL Endorsements at Diesel Driving Academy.

Become an Outstanding CDL Driver at Diesel Driving Academy

At Diesel Driving Academy (DDA), we are committed to offering the best in CDL training, and we also work hard to place our graduating drivers with exceptional trucking companies. With training from DDA and pre-hire letters in your back pocket, your trucking career is sure to have a great start.

Learn more about us and how we get you on the right road to a rewarding, truck driving career. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have if you’re wanting to make sure you are ready to begin applying for trucking positions to request pre-hire letters. We’re excited to hear from you.