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No matter what field of work you choose, going to school to learn a new trade is a big decision. Going to school to get your CDL and become a truck driver is no different. So, what is trucking school really like? Today we want to answer some of the frequently asked questions we get about what trucking school is like at Diesel Driving Academy.

How long is the CDL program?

The Advanced CDL training program at Diesel Driving Academy will take 20 weeks if completed during the day, and 30 weeks if you choose to take classes at night. We also offer a shorter CDL program and a CDL Prep course, which means in just a few weeks you can be on the road in your new carer!

What do I need to enroll in CDL training? 

All students must be at least 21 (by graduation) to enroll in CDL training. Students must hold a valid driver’s license, however, no previous truck driving experience is necessary. Your personal admissions representative will cover other details, including the DOT physical and minimum truck driver qualifications.

What will we study?

The CDL programs at Diesel Driving Academy are based on industry standards and include both hands-on training and regular, classroom-style coursework. Outside of the classroom, you will receive a combination of instructions, demonstrations, and hands-on driving experience. Even if you’ve never been in a truck before, we will have you shifting and backing in no time!

What CDL courses will I have to complete?

in each class, you will receive an introduction to the truck driving industry and will learn about a variety of driving-related topics. We will cover safety procedures, accident reporting, responsible driving practices, pre-trip inspections, and how to pass the CDL exam. Some of the required courses include:

  • Map Reading and Trip Planning
  • Vehicle Control Skills
  • Safe Operation Practices
  • Preparation For CDL Testing

How much will the CDL program cost?

At Diesel Driving Academy, we work hard to provide affordable CDL training to those interested in joining the truck driving industry. At your appointment, our financial aid team will help you through the process of finding and applying for grants, scholarships or loans that will help cover the costs of your CDL training.

We are proud to say that our drivers have been hired by a variety of top-quality companies including Schneider, Werner Enterprises, Covenant Transport, Maverick, and Steven’s Transport.
For more information on getting your CDL license through Diesel Driving Academy, call us today at 1-800-551-8900