What to Expect in your Basic CDL Course at Diesel Driving Academy

image of a semi truck with the words "how hard is truck driving school?"

If you’re considering getting your CDL but have never driven a truck before, or have minimal experience in one you might be thinking that going to a truck driving school is a good idea. You might also be wondering how hard that’s going to be. Well, you’re not the only one.

One of the many questions we get asked is how hard the training is, and what to expect in class. Today we’re going to cover the basics of our Basic CDL course!

In the Basic CDL course at DDA, you’ll have classroom work mixed with hands-on learning. This class provides all the training and classroom instruction needed to obtain a Class A CDL – all in a short 4-week program. During your 160-hours of training, you’ll get an introduction to trucking, plus you’ll cover Log Books, Vehicle Inspections, Competency Development, Backing, and Vehicle Maneuvers.

Introduction to Trucking

An introduction to trucking sets the groundwork for the course by providing valuable background knowledge on the industry. We’ll cover things such as loading trucks, map reading and planning, as well as Department of Transportation regulations. This portion of the course is conducted in a classroom setting.

Log Books

This portion of the course is hands-on training that will teach the drivers everything they need to know about maintaining a log book in accordance with federal regulations.

Vehicle Inspections

Students learn through classroom and hands-on experience how to document a vehicle inspection both pre and post trip.

Competency Development

Through classroom lecture, students will learn the general information required by the Department of Motor Vehicles for the trucking industry.

Backing Maneuvers

This is where you’ll learn-by-doing. Classroom time, along with lots of hands-on training, students will learn the art of backing up, coupling, and shifting patterns. You’ll be a pro before you know it!

Vehicle Maneuvers

Students will spend the majority of their time on hands-on training for this portion of the training. They will learn all the necessary components to successfully operate a truck.

Overall, students spend many hours behind the wheel. Driving practice is on a closed driving range to gain the confidence they need to be successful on the road test. The remainder of the time is devoted to classroom preparation for the written portion of the exam. Our goal is to make sure student drivers feel safe and confident on the road.

If you’re ready to hit the road, let DDA help you master the skills you’ll need to be a successful driver! Start off a step ahead of your competition and gain the confidence needed to get the job done! Call DDA today to get started! 1-800-551-8900