When you think of the term “trucker” most people envision a man in that driver’s seat. However, more and more women are entering the trucking industry! Many trucking companies are even making changes to become more female friendly. Some of these changes include more ergonomically designed trucks, hiring more female truck driving trainers, or implementing better safety measures.

Safety First

Safety is a concern in any job, not just the trucking industry. Many companies are implementing new training procedures or other systems to make the workforce safer for both men and women. Still, some women may choose to take a self-defense class or find other ways to be more proactive about your safety – like finding well-lit truck stops or stopping for breaks in more populated rest areas.

Big Truck, Small Stature

More and more, companies are seeing the value in hiring (and keeping) women truck drivers. This is one reason they’re adding more trucks to their fleets that are designed better. Newer trucks feature safety measures like seat belt adjusters or are designed with better hight and sight lines that fit persons with a smaller stature.

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