Congratulations, you’ve earned your CDL! The hard part is out of the way. Now you need to get a job. Here’s a few tips to remember when you head out to those interview. Don’t forget to breathe, you got this!

1. Realistic expectations

Do your homework. Having realistic expectations about how much money you can expect to earn, how often you can expect to be home, and the demands of the job, are critical to your career success. If any of these things are a surprise to you during the interview, it will send up red flags. Take not if you have a preference of the type of trucking that you are most interested in, or a type of work you don’t want to do.

2. Honesty

You’ll be asked about your driving and criminal history – be honest. The carrier will check your driving and criminal history as required by law and if you weren’t honest about it you might be disqualified.

3. Research

Learn about the carrier you are interviewing with. What type of trucks do they have? Which states do they operate in? What kinds of technology do they use? How large of a carrier are they and who are their competitors? What is their mission statement are core values?

4. Dress for the Interview

You are interviewing for a trucking job, but you should still dress for an interview. Showing them how you will represent their company each time you visit a customer to pick up or deliver freight, is very important. You are a professional driver, and you could interview again soon to become a fleet manager or driver trainer.

5. Bring a Resume

You might be thinking that your new CDL is the only relevant qualification, but think about your experience and how it will make you a great driver. Military experience shows that you are no stranger to demanding hours far from home. Retail experience means that you know that the customer is what keeps the wheels turning. Kitchen experience means that you can adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

6. Prepare a list of Questions

After doing some research on the carrier you are interviewing with, prepare a list of questions you can ask during the interview. By showing your future employer that you are interested along with invested in their company, will help you stand out. They will definitely appreciate it if you show you’ve done your research!


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