ELDT at Diesel Driving Academy

Classroom Students Learning About ELDT Mandate

What You Need to Know About the Entry-Level Driver Training Mandate

New regulations are coming for truck driving schools across the nation with the Entry-Level Driving Training Mandate (ELDT Mandate). The ELDT Mandate is a set of Federal standards for mandatory training of entry-level drivers that sets the minimum requirements training providers and schools must abide by. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) will begin mandating new regulations for driver training for schools training professional drivers on February 7, 2022. These new regulations aim to ensure safety and consistency across the board when training new drivers entering the trucking industry.

ELDT Regulations

Once the ELDT Mandate goes into effect in February, training requirements and regulations will be uniform across the country to promote safe and consistent training for new drivers. Currently, CDL training has no set rules and regulations for criteria at the federal level and is different in each state.

The ELDT Mandate breaks up training into three categories of training: Classroom/ Theory, Behind-the-Wheel Range Training, and Behind-the-Wheel Road Training. Before moving on to the next phase of training, students must pass an assessment (80% or higher) to ensure they have learned all the material in the Classroom/Theory. For both portions of the behind-the-wheel training, students do not have a minimum amount of time needed to reach. The instructors will assess each student and determine if the necessary knowledge and requirements are met.

Who Does the ELDT Impact?

The new regulations establish minimum training requirements for Class A and B CDL training. Individuals training for the first time, those looking to upgrade from a Class B to a Class A, and training for endorsements all fall under the ELDT Mandate. Once the Mandate goes into effect on February 7, new students who enroll in training must follow the new regulations and guidelines. Anyone enrolled in training before February 7, 2022, does not have to meet the ELDT Mandate expectations and regulations.

How Does This Affect CDL Schools?

The ELDT also affects the schools providing training to new drivers, like Diesel Driving Academy. While some training schools may have to make changes and improvements to their training, our CDL training programs already qualify under the ELDT Mandate guidelines. Schools are required to be approved through the Training Provider Registry serving under the FMCSA. The Training Provider Registry is an online web system that connects CDL students and applicants search for qualified and approved training providers to get CDL training. The Registry is also an organizational tool training providers can utilize to keep student records on hand and updated as they go through the training process. Once students complete CDL training, their information will be updated in the Registry to reflect their completed status. The Training Provider Registry is another way the FMCSA makes sure schools follow the regulations included in the ELDT Mandate.

The Training Provider Registry has approved Diesel Driving Academy, and our Class A CDL training meets all EDLT requirements. The Advanced Truck Driver Training Program and our Basic CDL Training Program begin by teaching students classroom theory and concepts before advancing to the range and road driving portions.

Why is the ELDT Being Implemented?

CDL training across the country currently does not have a federal level of rules, regulations, and guidelines that CDL training providers must meet. The FMCSA is implementing the ELDT Mandate to regulate training across the country to not differ in various parts of the country. The FMCSA can create consistent, uniform training by mandating training at a deferral level. The ELDT Mandate will produce safer roads by detailing what each CDL training student must learn and retain before beginning a career as a professional truck driver.

ELDT Mandate Resources

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – The FMCSA is a government agency that regulates commercial motor carrier safety in the United States. The ELDT Mandate is being implemented by the FMCSA and has many great resources about the ELDT on their website.

Commercial Vehicle Training Association – The CVTA is an organization of CDL training schools across the country. The organization promotes safety through quality CDL training at its schools.

Training Provider Registry – The Training Provider Registry is the web portal used by the FMCSA to organize and help prospective students get connected and research schools approved for CDL training. The Registry serves as a guide for schools to keep track of where each student is on their CDL training path.

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