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Diesel Driving Academy recounts success since beginning operation in 1972

Diesel Driving Academy is proud and honored to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2022! What began as a one-truck and trailer training school has grown to three campuses across Louisiana and Arkansas and thousands of successful graduates! But before we celebrate this momentous occasion, we must look back at the journey that got us here.

Opening the First Truck Driving School

This story begins on June 20, 1972, in Mansfield, LA. The founders, Abe Busada and M. B. Chastain, found an airstrip of land on the outskirts of DeSoto Parish and knew it would be the home for their CDL School. Based on the foundation that people can succeed in the trucking industry, they wanted to begin training interested truck driver trainees. However, before any students enrolled, there was a need to develop sound driver training programs curriculums.

DDA established its programs after extensive research and careful processes. Students were then welcomed into the facility and learned everything there is to know about truck operations and the industry. After seeing the high demand from both interested students and the high industry demand, Diesel Driving Academy knew that it had to expand.

Truck Driving School Grows in Size

The success of DDA’s first location was solidified by receiving accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The continuous growth allowed this school to open its second truck driving school in Baton Rouge, LA, in July of 1987. This location saw quick and overwhelming success. Because of this, a third school location opened its doors in Jacksonville, AR. Later down the road, this third location moved from Jacksonville to its new permanent location in Little Rock, AR. Lastly, the number of training programs grew from one to three to include Basic CDL training, Advanced CDL training, and a CDL Prep Course.

Consistent Success for DDA CDL Schools

Our staff and graduates, who built their career foundation on our training yard, have seen great success over the last 50 years. Also, during this time, Diesel Driving Academy developed different opportunities for its students. These include fostering and continually developing relationships with some of the top trucking carriers across the nation and financial aid incentives. Finally, the training standards have also changed and will continue to evolve as the regulations and industry may require.

Become a part of Diesel Driving Academy’s history today! Contact us to get started in our next available class!