There are more than 400,000 commercial truck driver jobs available across the nation, which is why many graduates of driver training programs like the one at the Diesel Driving Academy leave with multiple job offers. Diesel Driving Academy is producing some of the nation’s best truck drivers and many of the top carriers have taken notice.

Truck carriers are looking for more drivers but not enough have completed the proper training or have the necessary experience. Those that have completed a training program are put in the best position to secure a great paying truck driver job and are at the top of the list for carriers desperate to hire more drivers.
The reason for such a large shortage of commercial truck drivers is because carriers have higher standards than in the past and there are many more background checks to exclude those with bad driving records. Carriers need commercial truck drivers that have a good understanding of the road and have received the best training.

However, graduates of driver training programs like the one at Diesel Driving Academy are finding it easier to secure long-term employment in this growing field. With so much growth coming to the commercial truck industry, drivers will be needed for many years to come. Also, even when the economy suffers, the commercial truck industry tends to perform better than other industries and has been called the nation’s most “recession-proof” job sector.

The U.S. Department of Labor states that the average salary for a first year truck driver is $35,000. . There is also a better chance to advance in this field with professional training as carriers often offer recruiting, supervisor and management positions to those drivers with the most experience and training.

Diesel Driving Academy’s CDL training program offers students the chance to have real world experience behind the wheel of a truck rather than training in a simulator. Professional instructors offer the best truck driver training in the nation and graduates of the CDL training program are often highly sought after by carriers from across the country.

The commercial truck industry is seeking new drivers to fill the demand as shipping routes increase and more trucks hit the road. But there is also a need to take over for a generation of truckers preparing to enter retirement. Thousands of jobs are available but not enough trained drivers are there to take them. If you are looking for a new career then the commercial truck industry could be the right fit for you, especially if you complete the CDL training program at Diesel Driving Academy. Some of the nation’s best drivers are coming out of DDA and in a matter of months you could join them.