Updated August 13, 2022

Fall is always the time you see those back to school commercials or you find yourself buying supplies for your kids. You send them off to school, hoping they will learn every day. But have you ever wondered what you still have to learn? Chances are you are ready to go back to school too!  A CDL training program could quickly catapult your career forward. Here are some of the reasons why adults should consider adding to their knowledge with a CDL school.

Career Opportunities

Right now, truckers are in high demand and as a result, there are always trucking jobs available. The American Trucking Association estimates there are over 80,00 trucking jobs ready to be filled right now. These jobs include Over-the-Road (OTR), Regional, and Local positions. Additionally, Diesel Driving Academy’s Job Placement office helps our graduates find a position and trucking partner that best aligns with their truck driving goals and connects them with our trucking partners who will help them succeed.

Salary Options

Going back to school can dramatically impact your current salary. The average first-year salary for an OTR driver can be up to $60,000 after completing your CDL training and passing all tests. We know that an increase in salary could easily affect you and your family’s life.

Climb Up in Your Current Job

If you currently are working in a career field that includes truck driving such as a delivery service or a construction company, you could possibly benefit from additional skills. Speak with your boss and learn if earning your CDL or additional endorsements could benefit your career. If so, head back to school!

Give Yourself a Competitive Advantage

Currently, some fields are experiencing a shortage of graduates with skills and experience. Individuals who want to set themselves apart in a competitive employment market should embrace the idea of going back to school. You could make yourself an extremely competitive candidate.

If you are ready to better your current career or start a new career completely, this is the perfect time to go back to school. DDA is ready to help you get started today. Contact us!