America’s commercial truck industry is exploding with growth as manufacturing output in North America begins to show its first real signs of growth since the 2008 recession.
The trucking sector has been growing for the past few years, but recent improvements in the economy are helping the industry continue to build momentum and it has truck carriers looking for thousands of more drivers to help meet growing demand.

The commercial truck industry is the primary form of shipping for the majority of America’s goods and services. As the national economy begins to grow and consumers spend more money, it also means more cargo is being shipped into the United States from Canada and Mexico. Commercial truck cargo coming into the United States from Mexico and Canada reached a five-year high in 2011 and that growth is expected to show similar growth in 2012.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 10.4 million trucks entered the country from Canada and Mexico in 2011. That was the highest level since 2006 and goods shipped via commercial trucks totaled more than $1.06 trillion. It was also a 15 percent increased from the previous year and 44 percent higher than 2009. Manufactures in Mexico and Canada are shipping more cargo into the United States as consumer spending continues to rise.

The commercial trucking data was released as part of the eighth annual update of the North American Transportation Statistics online database.

Among the various modes of transportation between the United States and its neighbors, commercial trucks had the largest increase in shipment value at $69 billion, from 2010 to 2011.

Increased shipping across America’s borders is a great example of the overall growth currently underway in the commercial truck industry. The demand for commercial truck drivers has increased over the past few years and it has made driving a truck one of the fastest growing professions in the nation. Drivers are needed for international and domestic routes, especially those drivers with CDL training.

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As the economy continues to grow, cargo from America’s neighbors increases and manufacturing output rises, the demand for professionally trained commercial truck drivers will remain high, making now the perfect time to start a new career as a truck driver. Diesel Driving Academy is the best place to launch that new career and take advantage of the growth taking place in the trucking industry.