Being a long distance truck driver has its challenges. One of them is being away from your home and family for extended periods of time.

Here are some tips for staying connected and fighting homesickness:

1. Keep in Touch.
Regularly calling and talking to family and friends is the best way to stay connected. Video calls, like Skype and Facetime, are great if you have pets or young children who are not yet talking. More and more truck stops are offering free wifi, and wifi finder apps can help you find available connections.

2. Picture Time!
Sending pictures of yourself from the road will help keep your family and friends connected with your travels. And, of course, keeping a picture of your loved ones in the cab can always be helpful.

3. Home Away From Home.
Having familiar things around can help reduce homesickness. Keeping your favorite blanket or stuffed animal with you is comforting, and a good reminder of home. Using an air freshener in the cab that you commonly use at home can make it very much feel as if you are back with them.

4. Family Rider Policy.
Sometimes you might be able to bring a friend or family member along on a trip. And if you are really lonely in the cab, your company might allow you to have a pet with you, so that you never have to be completely alone.

5. Eat Right, Stay Healthy.
Staying healthy isn’t just good for your waistline, its good for your mind too. Too much junk food is tempting on the road, but unhealthy eating can be draining, and make a lonely experience worse. Making time to do some simple stretches, or even doing a short workout during a break, can help clear your head and alleviate any issues that come from sitting too long.

6. Books, Podcasts or Audiobooks.
Having another voice in the cab can be a distraction from your loneliness – and keep you awake on those long trips. Immersing yourself in a book or listening to your favorite podcast can help pass the time away from home.

Being a truck driver is hard work, but it’s rewarding in its own right. Take a moment to enjoy the time you have while out over the road. If you find homesickness kicking in on a long haul route, just remember that every route leads back home. Using the above tips and tricks can help keep you happier and healthier when you’re away from home.

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