Nationwide economic news remains mixed, but there are signs of growth and the commercial truck industry continues to be a national leader in job creation.

Factory orders showed a 1.8 percent increase in December, a higher than expected growth rate and the third hike in the last four months, according to the U.S. Commerce Department. Factory orders play an important role in commercial trucking growth as more than 70 percent of all manufactured items in the nation end up on the back of a commercial truck at some point.

The total factory output in 2012 showed a growth rate of 3 percent, a number that may seem small, but any sign of growth in the American economy is welcomed news as the nation continues to recover from the Great Recession. Consider the fact that growth is also taking place in manufacturing, home construction and auto sales, all of which have a positive impact on the trucking sector.

Other economic data that was recently announced from December includes unemployment figures, which showed the country added 157,000 jobs to put the nationwide interview at 7.8 percent. Despite the fact that the unemployment rate remains relatively high – at least compared to prerecession levels – the commercial truck industry is one sector of the economy that continues to add thousands of jobs each month. The commercial truck industry added 5,000 jobs in December, a number that could have been larger if not for a nationwide shortage of professionally trained truck drivers.

The commercial truck industry offers a stable career with higher than average starting pay. This career also offers a unique challenge and positions on both short- and long-haul routes are in demand. That is why many jobseekers are considering a career as a professional truck driver, which offers higher than average starting pay and a stable career. The commercial truck industry has been experiencing strong growth in recent years and many labor experts predict that another 500,000 professionally trained commercial truck drivers may be needed over the next decade.

That means drivers with professional training from a respected driver training program, like Diesel Driving Academy, jobseekers are finding success in landing a job at some of the nation’s top trucking firms. Recruiters at Diesel Driving Academy work with some of the nation’s top truck carriers to help students find the job they are looking for in this growing field.

If slow economic growth and high unemployment numbers have you down, then consider the fact that the commercial truck industry is one sector where rapid growth is taking place and hiring is happening by the thousands. The demand for quality truck drivers remains high and those with the right training are finding a new career in this growing industry.