The manufacturing sector is closely tied to the commercial trucking industry and as more products are made in America that means even more cargo for trucks to ship.

Even while the nation’s manufacturing sector was struggling during the economic decline of the past few years, the commercial truck industry was experiencing growth. However, as manufacturing output begins to pick up, America’s trucking sector is seeing a rise in orders.

Manufacturing output is expected to grow over the next year, according to the September Manufacturing Survey, which was recently released by the Federal Reserve Bank, Manufacturing growth is expected to show an increase before the end of the year, according to the survey. As manufacturing grows, so does the commercial trucking sector, which ships over 70 percent of domestically produced cargo. The commercial truck sector has already been experiencing rapid growth and the demand for professionally trained drivers is high, but as manufacturing begins to rebound from the recent recession, that will mean even more business for commercial trucks and will grow the demand for professionally trained truck drivers.

Chad Wilkerson, vice president and economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, which released the report, said the survey revealed some increases in manufacturing activity and that producers’ expectations for future activity remained positive.

“Factories reported only minimal overall growth in our region in September, and both production and new orders fell slightly,” Wilkerson said. “But firms anticipate growth to pick up later this year and on into next year.”

Now might be the perfect time for jobseekers to consider a career as a commercial truck driver, especially as the industry is poised for even more growth as manufacturing output increases. Improvements in manufacturing are a good sign for the commercial trucking industry, which has a direct connection to the manufacturing industry. Over 70 percent of American-made products are shipped via commercial trucks and as manufacturing output grows, so will the demand for commercial truck services.

The commercial truck industry has already been experiencing rapid growth over the past few years, even while other industries – including manufacturing – continued to struggle. However, signs that manufacturing is beginning to make a comeback following the 2008 recession mean the demand on commercial trucks will only get bigger. That also means the demand for commercial truck drivers will continue to grow as carriers attempt to put more trucks on the road.

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