Throughout Louisiana and Arkansas, forecasters are predicting economic growth in all industries. A whopping 4,500 new jobs are expected to be added just in Baton Rouge alone! What, then, does this mean for the trucking industry though? It means a very positive outlook with some great money to be made!

The American Transportation Institute says that there is a shortage of truckers sitting at around 35,000, eventually projecting the shortfall to reach 50,000 by the end of the year. This means that the job market is wide open for new truckers entering the field.

Why Is 2018 A Good Time To Be A Truck Driver?

  • The economy is growing, especially in Louisiana and Arkansas
  • There is already a shortage of truckers
  • Salary for truckers, on average, is higher than it has ever been

Is Being A Trucker A Smart Decision?

Yes. Absolutely! Of every single bit of freight shipped in the United States, nearly 70% of it travels by truck for part or all of the trip. With this much cargo being hauled around on trucks and with there being a shortage of drivers already, this is simply nothing but excellent job security for those in this industry.

In fact, the federal government will even help you with the cost of tuition at a trucking school and the cost of obtaining your CDL. Financial assistance is available through FAFSA. Visit the FAFSA website or speak to one of the counselors for assistance.

Let’s sum things up, then you answer for yourself if it is a smart decision:

  • There are 35,000+ jobs to fill
  • Plenty of job security for reliable workers
  • The pay is as high as (or higher than) other trades
  • The federal government may assist with tuition

We think the answer is a no-brainer for anyone who is considering a new trade or who is looking to get into the world of trucking.

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