You’ve heard of people building model cars, or running souped-up RC cars in their down time. One Canadian truck company owner and truck enthusiast did a bit more than just that – he went out of his way to build this awesome – and drivable! – mini Kenworth W900 semi truck and trailer. Originally, Jacques Auger was just going to dress up a golf cart to look like a longnose Kentworth to drive in his local Christmas parade. Instead, he and his friend Donald Gingras spent 2850 hours and $85,000 to get this mini real-deal up and running.

The 1:2 scale tractor is powered by a 1.7-liter, three-cylinder Cummins diesel with a turbo upgrade, fed though a Ford Ranger five-speed transmission and Suzuki Samurai differentials. According to Auger, everything works like the real thing, and is known to humiliate full-size versions at the local truck drag- from a standing start!

Check out the video of him taking the little truck for a cruise around the parking lot:

If driving a life-sized semi is more your speed, give us a call and we’ll get that arranged. Classes are forming for all of our campus locations! 1-800-551-8900 or just fill out the form on the top of this page, and we’ll get you behind the wheel of an actual 18-wheeler!

Mini Kenworth Semi Truck built by Jacques Auger in Laurier-Station, Quebec, Canada