Unemployment rates have been better over the past few months, but millions of Americans remain out of work. However, many of those who have been able to find a stable job in the past few months have turned to the commercial truck industry.

The commercial truck industry has long been one of the nation’s fastest growing job sectors and that growth continues as carriers seek out professionally trained drivers that can help them keep up with growing demand. Thousands of new drivers have been hired over the past several months and that trend is expected to continue as demand remains high for commercial truck services.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that over 30,000 jobs have been added in the commercial truck industry over the past two months, which has played a major role in the overall decrease of national unemployment rates. Commercial truck carriers have been desperate to keep up with growing demand and they are looking for professionally trained drivers from respected CDL training programs like Diesel Driving Academy, where students are receiving the type of training and experience commercial truck carriers are desperate to find. Carriers have more available jobs than drivers to fill them, making now the perfect time to start a new career as a professional truck driver.

Despite some improvement, overall unemployment rates remain well above pre-recession levels and there is still a lot of work that remains to be done before millions of Americans can find gainful employment. However, the commercial truck industry is adding to job growth and is one of the nation’s fastest growing labor markets. Truck drivers enjoy a position in a growing industry, flexibility of schedules, working in a unique environment and enjoy starting pay that is higher than the national average. Drivers with professional training are also finding that a career as a commercial truck driver is stable and offers chances for advancement down the road to the position of recruiter or manager.

If you are looking for work or a change in careers, then the commercial truck industry might be the right fit for you. Truck carriers have more jobs than they do drivers to fill them and those with professional CDL training from a respect program like Diesel Driving Academy are finding many employment options when they complete the program.

Diesel Driving Academy is creating the next generation of commercial truck drivers and students are finding a new career as a professional truck driver in an industry that shows no signs of slowing down. As millions of Americans continue to look for work and economist search for answers to high unemployment, the commercial truck industry is doing its part to put Americans back to work in an industry that is vital to the national economy.