Thousands of Americans are currently out of work or underemployed, but even as the national economy begins to show signs of improvement, there are still too few jobs available for those in need of them. However, there is one area where job seekers are finding opportunities to start a new long-term career as the commercial truck industry continues to post strong growth and carriers all across the nation look for thousands of professionally trained drivers.

A career as a commercial truck driver can be a great option for those looking to change careers or those looking for work as the industry is experience strong growth and high demand. Truck carriers across the nation are looking for thousands of drivers, specifically those that have received professional training from a respected truck driver training program like the one at Diesel Driving Academy.

A job as a commercial truck driver can be a very stable career as the demand for drivers continues to grow. Those drivers that have the best training and experience are able to quickly advance in the field and secure some of the best routes. Even as the economy slowly recovers, the commercial trucking industry is one of the country’s fastest growing fields. When the economy fully recovers the commercial trucking industry will continue to be one of the fastest growing sectors as over 70 percent of shipments in America are transported by commercial truck.

Recent growth in the manufacturing sector has also pushed more growth to the trucking industry as the majority of products made in America are transported via commercial trucks. Growth in new home construction is also adding growth to the commercial truck industry.

Commercial truck drivers often say one of their favorite parts of the job is the bond they develop with other drivers. The job of a truck driver is important and one of the most underestimated professions in America, but drivers often understand the importance of what they do and support each other in different ways.

Commercial truck drivers of both short- and long-haul routes also get a chance to see the country. From the rural towns of Middle America to the cosmopolitan cities of the coast, the mountain peaks of the Rockies to the gorgeous shorelines of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, truck drivers have a chance to see the best this country has to offer. In many ways, commercial truck drivers are America’s explorers.

Commercial truck drivers also make good money. The U.S. Department of Labor states that the average salary for a first year truck driver is $35,000, making it one of the highest salaries for any first-year worker in any industry.

As the trucking industry grows, there is also a growing demand for truck drivers, especially those that have completed a professional training program, like the one at Diesel Driving Academy. Now might be the perfect time to start a career as a truck driver, especially as the industry experiences growth and lawmakers work to expand the commercial trade both domestically and internationally.