It’s hard to find positive economic news these days, but the reality is America’s economy is growing, especially in some key areas that are benefitting the commercial truck industry.

America’s economic recovery has been slow but over the past few years the commercial truck industry has been exploding with growth. In fact, that growth has left the commercial truck industry with thousands of vacancies for professionally trained drivers. The commercial truck industry offers one of the hottest career fields in America as professionally trained drivers are in demand and many find a bright future and higher than average starting pay as a CDL trained driver.

Construction, manufacturing and auto sales are all growing and that is good news for the commercial truck industry. Materials used at construction sites, items coming off a manufacture’s assembly line, and new cars are all primarily shipped via commercial trucks. As these industries show signs of growth, it means an even brighter future for the commercial truck industry, which has already been experiencing its own growth in recent years.

The demand for trucking services over the past few years has put many commercial truck carriers in a tough spot of having to put more trucks on the road while not having enough drivers for them. Carriers all across the country are looking for professionally trained drivers who have completed a CDL training program at a respected program like Diesel Driving Academy. Students of the CDL program are put in a great position to obtain a long-term career as a professional truck driver. Diesel Driving Academy works with students to help them receive the best CDL training available, while also helping students meet with recruiters. In fact, many students who complete the CDL training program find multiple job offers waiting for them.

The commercial truck industry has a direct relationship with the larger economy, as it is the nation’s primary form of transport for cargo of all types. The economic growth figures may seem small, but any growth right now is good news following years of decline and stagnant growth. Carriers are looking for continued economic growth as they purchase more trucks and look to hire more drivers.

As the larger economy shows growth, so does the commercial truck industry. In fact, the demand for trucking services is larger than the supply of drivers currently employed across the country. Drivers with professional CDL training are in demand by carriers and the commercial truck industry offers job stability and starting pay that is higher than the national average.

The economy may be growing but unemployment remains relatively high. It can be tough finding a stable career in today’s job market, but the commercial truck industry is one place where jobs are available. If you are looking for a new career, completing a CDL training program like the one at Diesel Driving Academy could be the start you are looking for.