When times are tough – like they were in the years following the 2008 recession – the commercial truck industry keeps moving. And when times are good – like they have been for many sectors in the past few months – the commercial truck industry is poised to explode with even more growth.

For the past several years, the commercial truck industry has been growing and the demand for drivers has grown with it. However, even more drivers will be needed in the coming years as some estimates say that another 500,000 commercial truck drivers with professional training will be needed over the next decade.

Commercial trucks play an important role in America’s economy. Unlike airplanes and trains, commercial trucks are flexible enough to take shipments to almost every corner of the country, which is why trucking has been one of the most in-demand industries, which means the demand for professionally trained truck drivers is also high across the country.

The commercial truck industry has been seeing rapid growth for the past few years and the future looks even brighter. Even before the economy began to show signs of improvement, the commercial trucking industry was already growing. Now that sectors like manufacturing and construction are starting to slowly grow, the truck industry is experiencing even more growth. The growth in the commercial trucking industry is causing truck carriers to hire thousands of new drivers every month, but it is professionally trained drivers who are in the highest demand by carriers desperate to find more drivers. As regulations increase and safety becomes even more important, carriers want drivers with relevant training and experience, including those from schools like Diesel Driving Academy.

Diesel Driving Academy offers a CDL training program that is helping job seekers start a long-term career as a professional commercial truck driver, which is especially needed in today’s era of high unemployment. Carriers all across the country are experiencing a shortage of qualified drivers, which makes professional training from a respected school like Diesel Driving Academy the logical first step in getting work in this growing industry.

Truck carriers are looking for drivers who can help them meet the growing demands of the industry. They are looking for professionally trained driver they can trust. Driving a commercial truck is not an easy job and it’s not for everyone, but this profession can be the perfect fit for a jobseeker looking for a stable career in a growing industry.

If you are looking for a new job then the commercial truck industry might be the right fit for you and Diesel Driving Academy is the place to start that new career. A new career as a commercial truck driver could be just a few months away.