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Peterbilt’s latest concept vehicle takes the term “cruise control” to a whole new level. Deborah Lockridge of reports on a demonstration given by Peterbilt officials at the Texas Motor Speedway of a truck carrying the “advanced driver assist system.” The company calls their new vehicle a new spin on cruise control, but others are calling it an autonomous vehicle technology. In other words, a truck that requires up to 85 percent less steering from the vehicle’s driver.

The truck features a GPS navigation system accurate up to 5 cm, and a system of cameras and laser scanner-based collision avoidance system, along with radar-based adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning systems. These systems allow drivers to take a less active role in the vehicle’s operation, but does not remove them entirely.

“The key is the driver here becomes less of a driver and more of a decision maker,” said Bill Kahn, Peterbilt Motors Manager of Advanced Concepts.

The technology is still being developed for the advanced driver assist system, but is still in the development phase and is not yet ready for use on open roads.

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“Read everything. Speed limits, restrictions, routing instructions, Bill of landings, owner’s manual to your truck, messages from dispatch, I mean everything…it’s usually all there somewhere.”

–Oldman49, responding to a user requesting advice on making their trucking career as smooth as possible, on a thread at The Truckers Report.