The demand for truck drivers has been steadily increasing over the last 15 years. With more than 70% of goods moved by trucks each year, there is a high demand to replace an aging workforce. The average age of today’s tucker is 55 years old. Now, with more truckers nearing retirement age, and starting salaries averaging $40-50,000, the industry is primed and ready for new entry-level drivers.


While starting salaries are around $40-50,000 per year, new recruits can earn signing bonuses. Long haulers can earn even more money with some drivers topping out at $100,000 per year. In some cases, smaller companies may also consider profit sharing. Companies are reporting record bookings this year and increased pay per mile. There are long hours in the trucking industry but more companies are implementing schedules that allow for more home time.

Industry Future

With more and more people ordering goods online, there has been a sharp increase in the number of items being shipped across the country. This means an endless supply of work for truckers. While some in the industry are talking about self-driving trucks, this doesn’t appear to be something that will be coming to US highways anytime soon. With the increase in workload and shortage of drivers, many truckers are earning even higher wages for their service.

National Programs

The trucking industry knows it needs more drivers. In an effort to encourage military personnel to join the trucking industry, in July 2018, the US began an Under 21 Pilot Program. This 3-year study looks at a test group of military personnel from all branches of the armed forces who are 18-21 to determine if the training they receive in service can be applied to the truck driving industry.

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