Few skilled workers have a better opportunity for employment than those with professional training as a commercial truck driver.

Applicants with CDL training are in high demand these days as carriers all across the country are looking for thousands of commercial truck drivers each month. A nationwide driver shortage has become a challenge for an industry that is growing, but it has created an advantage for those applicants with professional training from a respected CDL training program like the one at Diesel Driving Academy.

Because there are not enough professionally trained drivers to meet demand, many truck carriers are forced to hire drivers with little to no training, which results in a high turnover rate. However, drivers with professional training show a better chance at stability because they understand what it takes to make it in this challenging career field.

Applicants with professional CDL training also enjoy higher than average starting pay and are more likely to be promoted.

The commercial truck industry is showing rapid growth as the economy continues its recovery. However, some believe the commercial truck industry could be growing even faster if not for the driver shortage. The American Trucking Associations has estimated that there is a current need for 20,000 to 25,000 big-shipment, long-distance commercial truck drivers. When considering the expected rise in the industry over the next few years, as many as 100,000 new commercial truck driving jobs could be available in the next 10 years, the report said.

A combination of growing routes, a growing economy and thousands of drivers preparing to enter retirement has created a severe shortage of professionally trained drivers. Truck carriers are ready to hire drivers today, but they are unable to find the right kinds of drivers, and that is holding back some of the potential of the growing truck industry.
If you are one of the millions of Americans looking for work – or have given up looking for work – the commercial truck driver industry may be a great option. Carriers all across the country are desperately looking for more commercial truck drivers, but they especially need those drivers with professional training and those that have completed a respected driver’s training program, like the one at Diesel Driving Academy.

Labor experts expect the commercial truck industry to continue to grow in the coming months and that will mean the demand for drivers will only get bigger. Carriers are looking to fill vacant positions with drivers, but they are especially interested in professionally trained drivers that have a better success rate at lasting in this career, which can be challenging at times. As manufacturing, construction and auto sales all continue to show growth, the commercial truck industry will also grow and thousands of more drivers will be needed to help meet the growing demand.