The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the national unemployment rate dropped to 8.3 percent – a two year low – but labor officials warn that the unemployment rate could rise slightly as those that had given up their job search begin to look again following the positive economic news.

With positive employment statistics becoming a monthly norm, more people will begin looking for work, and one of the best places to begin that search for work is at Diesel Driving Academy where students are receiving professional training to become a highly sought after commercial truck driver in this growing industry.

If you are someone who had previously suspended your job search but are ready to continue the search, the commercial truck industry could be the perfect place to start. The commercial truck industry is hiring, which is why Diesel Driving Academy is the perfect place to start your return to the work force. Carriers are in desperate need for professionally trained drivers and students from Diesel Driving Academy are finding some of the best options available in the commercial trucking industry.

DDA is not just a great place to train because the trucking industry is booming, but it’s also a great school because of the mission Diesel Driving Academy has to provide the best, hands-on training available. DDA’s end goal for each and every student is to help them start a rewarding, high-paying career as a professional truck driver.

Whether you’re looking for a job over the road, or hoping to gain employment driving locally, obtaining your CDL license from Diesel Driving Academy is one of the smartest decisions you could make in your career as a professional truck driver.