When it comes to domestic transportation no single industry plays as big of a role as the commercial trucking industry. Over 70 percent of tonnage is transported via commercial truck, compared to 14 percent by rail and 6.4 percent by water.

According to the American Trucking Associations, freight transportation revenue will grow by 69 percent over the next 10 years as the commercial trucking industry’s role in shipping goods and products will only get bigger. The growth in trucking revenue is projected to come from a 25 percent growth in freight tonnage, the ATA’s U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast reported. That growth in freight tonnage, which will average between 1.3 and 2.6 percent per year, will require a significant increase in CDL trained drivers to meet the demand. That has made the trucking industry one of the fastest growing job sectors as the economy rebounds.

If you are looking for a career that offers great pay and a stable future then the commercial trucking industry should be at the top of your list. With the demand for more drivers growing each month the commercial truck industry offers job seekers one of the hottest careers available in becoming a commercial truck driver.

The demand for commercial trucking services will also continue to grow as manufacturing increases over the next few years.

Truck carriers are desperate to find more drivers but the first place they often look is CDL training programs, like the one at Diesel Driver Academy, which offers some of the best professional truck driver training in the nation. Carriers are looking for drivers that understand safety procedures and have experience behind the wheel of a truck. They want drivers that have a CDL but they also want to know their drivers have received training from some of the most experienced instructors available.

However, in addition to providing high quality truck driver training, DDA also offers a variety of courses that work with a student’s schedule and needs.

“Over the next 10 years, economic growth will give rise to a need for a 2.2 percent average annual increase in the number of long-haul heavy-duty truck drivers, or an additional 320,000 jobs overall,” an ATA report states. “At least another 219,000 new truck drivers must be found to replace drivers currently of ages 55 and older who will retire over the next 10 years and to replace those in younger groups who will leave the occupation.”

Altogether, those figures mean the commercial trucking industry needs an additional 539,000 drivers, according to the report. The DDA truck driver and CDL training program is helping to meet that demand for more drivers by training students to obtain their CDL and possess the skills and experience that will put them on the fast track to securing a high paying job in the growing commercial trucking industry.