The first sign that the economy is slowly rebounding is the increased demand for trucking to ship goods across the county. According to Bruce Busada, president of Louisiana’s Diesel Driving Academy, companies are hiring more CDL trained truck drivers because the economy is beginning to show signs of improvement.
“Trucking reacts to the economy first,” Busada told the Houston Chronicle in September. “If no one is making orders, trucking is the first business to see that hit. A truck touches everything.”
Trucking saw a decline when the economy crashed in 2008 but the growing demand for CDL trained truck drivers this year is a sign that the economy is picking up and driving commercial trucks can be a good career option for those looking for employment.
Jacques Lasseigne, director of field operations for the Louisiana Workforce Commission in Shreveport, told the Shreveport Times that truck drivers are in high demand. Louisiana’s unemployment rate has been high, but typically below the national average. However, for those in the state looking for new a new career that offers job security and the opportunity for growth, driving commercial trucks is a great option.
Louisiana’s unemployment rate has also begun to decrease, a sign that producers of goods and services are hiring as the economic outlook improves. With more workers being hired, more products will be made and the need for trucks to deliver those products will continue to increase.
The need for CDL trained drivers is growing in part because of an improving economy, but there is also a high demand because more drivers are entering retirement and there are fewer trained drivers these days to replace the lost positions. Commercial trucking companies are desperate to fill vacant positions and are constantly looking for a new generation of CDL truck drivers to help carry America into the future.
Because of the need for drivers, Diesel Driving Academy of Shreveport, Louisiana can offer those looking for a new career the chance to become a CDL trained commercial truck driver and enter an industry that is looking to fill vacancies every day.
CDL trained truck drivers are in demand across the country but recently employment figures show the demand is highest in the southeast and west United States. Heavy trucking routes between the East Coast and Texas, as well as those linking busy shipping ports along the Gulf of Mexico with the rest of the country, put Louisiana at the crossroads for some of the busiest commercial trucking routes in the county. The need for trucks in the region, combined with a growing economy and more drivers retiring, makes attending the commercial truck driving training program at Diesel Driving Academy of Shreveport an attractive opportunity for job seekers.
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